3 Reasons why The Artra is your next dream home

Dream about the Artra

The Artra ought to be the residence to choose from for my family unit and I. We used to go toward Tiong Bahru from our apartment in Bukit Batok in order to enjoy the terrific food its coffee shops and hawker markets had to present. I will frequent the Tiong Bahru market for the occasional bowl of astounding Lor Mee. Redhill marketplace is in addition without doubt one of the pleasures to staying at The Artra, with its renowned Minced Meat Noodles enticing lunchtime crowds day in day out. And consequently, Ikea Alexandria’s inexpensive but incredible meatballs, salmon, as well as furnishings.

I can already consider swallowing a soft serve $1 ice cream on the road to my brand-new The Artra residence after business day by day. Let’s not leave behind the exquisite Tze Char alternatives that line the Housing Development Board properties blocks of Queensway. From your Chili prawns to Prawn Paste Chicken residents of The Artra will take off into their nearby food havens each and every day should they decide. Parking around these kinds of destinations are bountiful too. You may get a great number of no cost parking facilities spots around the HDB flats, a short time beyond the dining place that you want.

The recently revamped Tiong Bahru Plaza will be given another cutting edge look but safeguarding the old legacy of the Tiong Bahru region. Remodels are in progress and the shopping center will open will an aggregate of 215,000 sqft of retail space accessible for the group to utilize. There will be more stay occupants and in addition leader slows down together with a group plaza.

Fantastic Transport Options around Artra

Residents of Alexandra View Artra Redhill MRT Station will profit by the redesigned shopping center as it is found ideal beside Tiong Bahru MRT Station and is just a single MRT Stop away.

Artra Condo will be available with Redhill MRT Station and also a large portion of the transports along Tiong Bahru Road and Alexandra Road. It is additionally appropriate next to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). Artra adjacent to Redhill MRT is additionally close to IKEA Alexandra Road, Queensway Shopping Center and in addition Anchorage Shopping Center. Getting your day by day family unit things is likewise a breeze with huge numbers of the grapple occupants around the territory together with the bistros underneath the Redhill HDB estates.

artra interior

In case food is absolutely not everything that helps to keep you ticking, then conceivably shopping is certainly the switch to hit. Adjacent to The Artra sits Anchorpoint shopping mall, which hosts good and also practical vendors from the likes of G2000 in addition to Giordano. grown ups can no longer need to fuss with traveling to town to go to pick out work-clothes on weekends. The freedom to do this is solely 5-minutes off of the home! On top of that, if it turns out you’re the sporty variant, Queensway Shopping Complex can be found close to The Artra too. Queensway Shopping Mall is known to be Singapore’s choice area for good quality sport apparel on sale by shops. They generally are willing to sell at a more affordable price range as compared to the established flagship suppliers so that is excellent news.

Moving a bit more sits Tiong Bahru shopping complex. It just needs a one-stop MRT trip to arrive at the magnificent shopping plaza. The shopping complex undergoing significant renovations for some time up till today, and by this time you can observe the solid aspects of this revitalisation process. Only recently the shopping plaza management Land Lease is announcing Tiong Bahru Shopping Center’s new flagship suppliers from the likes of Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Cold Storage and many others. This is simply just testament to the expectancy of premium quality had from the new redesigned local mall.

Assuming you are a resident, or still in the hunt for a completely new apartment for your loved ones, I hope you will honor my suggestion and therefore purchase The Artra. This really is every Singaporean’s most suitable place for dining and ease of access.